Generation B25+

The B27 Generation was a group composed of 27 young individuals representing the generation of Braga that would benefit the most from the cultural transformation resulting from Braga’s bid for the European Capital of Culture 2027. This group served as an advisory body for all ongoing work related to Braga’27, ensuring the youth’s perspective on … Continued

RESISTANCE! Youth Festival of Modern European History

Understanding the complexities of current European society is impossible, especially for the younger generations, without knowing and understanding the complex historical developments and narratives. In most EU member states teaching history in the system of formal education is predominantly focused on national, if not patriotic history narratives. The consequence of this approach is that young … Continued

Common Good Braga

The Common Good is a programme that empowers young people aged 14 to 18 to think democratically and act politically in their community, carrying out projects in collaboration with municipalities and civil society. The pilot edition of the programme in Braga took place in 2023 as part of Braga 25. The new edition will be … Continued