DESEJAR – Arts and Common Places Movement is an organic and fluid local, national, and international movement of arts and common places, integrated into Braga 25 Portuguese Capital of Culture, launched in 2024 with a program that integrates a wide range of actions. DESEJAR focuses on action and reflection around participatory, community-based, and sustainable artistic practices.

This call aims to receive proposals for projects that could be part of DESEJAR. There will be a moment of public presentation between the 10th and 14th of June 2025. We are looking for community-based participatory artistic creations that start before June 2025, and that bring together collectives, national and international artists with experience in participatory and community art, with agents from the region of Braga.  

Who can apply?

All individual or collective groups, local, national, and international, with activity in the field of this call. The projects to be presented must bear in mind the specific characteristics of Braga’s territory. 

When can I apply?

This call runs from the 18th of March until the 15th of April 2024. DESEJAR – Arts and Common Places Movement will take place from the 10th to the 14th of June 2025. 

Note: The time window for working on the participatory dimension naturally precedes the latest defined here and will be adjusted project by project. 

How to present the proposal? 

To participate, applicants must fill out the form available here.

What type of projects will be accepted in the open call?

This call aims to receive proposals (shows, installations, performances, workshops, residencies) in the following areas: Theatre, Dance, Music, Circus Arts, Performance, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Photography, New Media, Installation, Design, Architecture, among others. Transdisciplinary proposals that activate participatory, community, and sustainable dimensions aimed at public space across the entire territory of Braga will be privileged. 

What conditions are guaranteed by the organization?

Each selected project will be entitled to a grant, stipulated from the global amount for this edition. The total amount for this call is 40.000€. The support granted covers fees for the artistic and technical team, production, travel expenses, food and accommodation; Support with technical needs of the projects (based on what is indicated in the application form and depending on the availability of material); The development of the project will always be in dialogue with the DESEJAR team. 

Do you have questions? 

Please clarify them by April 8, 2024, via this email: 

Consult the regulations

To access the full information, consult the call’s regulations here.