Square – Mapping the Atlantic is a project coordinated by the Porto label and promoter Lovers & Lollypops, which is part of the Braga 25 programme.

It is a meeting and celebration of the talent that lives and works on the margins. Based on the connection between the continents bordering the Atlantic (Africa, America, and Europe), Square celebrates diversity by creating a networking space for emerging talent and new music trends bursting out of these territories. 

The festival connects bands, professionals, and audiences through a programming model that includes a convention, a showcase cycle, and clubbing proposals, linking those who promote to those who watch, those who create to those that programme, those who think to those who implement, thereby solidifying an ecosystem that can generate new ideas and opportunities, and that reframes the concepts of creativity, success, and career. The event will take place between January 29th and February 1st, 2025, in the Portuguese cities of Braga, Barcelos, Famalicão, and Guimarães.

Square is seeking artists who work and reside on the three continents bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Proposals in any musical genre, with any lineup configuration, and featuring music produced in any language will be considered. The call will be open between April 16th and July 31st. The results will be announced in September 2024

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