The B27 Generation was a group composed of 27 young individuals representing the generation of Braga that would benefit the most from the cultural transformation resulting from Braga’s bid for the European Capital of Culture 2027. This group served as an advisory body for all ongoing work related to Braga’27, ensuring the youth’s perspective on the artistic programme and the envisioned city.

The B25+ Generation is a reconfiguration of this group, with the primary mission of accompanying and contributing to the Portuguese Capital of Culture 2025 in Braga. To enhance the involvement and impact of these young people in the year of the title, a more intensive Empowerment Programme will be developed throughout 2024, with regular sessions closely aligned with the initiative’s programming.

This council will consist of more than 25 young individuals – diverse in terms of age, social and geographic context, ethnicity, and gender – and promises more action, more responsibility, sustainability, networking, projects, and a relationship with the city and its cultural activity.


Specific objectives:

  • Learn about, promote, and actively participate in the Braga 25 programme
  • Advocate for the youth of the Municipality of Braga
  • Contribute to the social and cultural enhancement of the Braga community
  • Deepen understanding of the history, culture, and current affairs of Braga


2024 Programme

The sessions of the training programme, which take place throughout the year, cover various areas of the Cultural and Creative Sector (Programming and Cultural Mediation, Communication, Accessibility, among others). The theoretical component is always linked to practice, with some actions on the ground, in contact with the city.

At the end of the year, with the knowledge acquired, the group of young people will have the opportunity to create their own cultural project and present it publicly.