The third Assembly of DESEJAR- Arts and Common Places Movement is scheduled for 21 May at 6 pm in Braga’s Municipal Market.

The aim of these assemblies is to collectively build this Braga 25 project with the community, getting to know their interests and desires. It is from these assemblies, which take place monthly, that Desejar’s programme and creations will be decided.

Desejar was born out of the search for answers and, consequently, actions to combat social apathy and low levels of citizen participation. Fragile participatory acts affect our ability to desire in the sense of imagining other worlds, other possible ways of relating, being, and producing. It is in the space of the vital pulse, which is desire, that this movement aims to support itself. The main foundations of this project are artistic creation and experimentation, participation and communities, a horizontal relationship with nature, and the exchange of knowledge.

In its first edition, which will culminate in June 2025, the aim is to promote experimentation and knowledge centred on contemporary artistic and cultural creation and production, based on the idea of art in common, sustainable, based on the sharing of resources in which human and more-than-human elements of an ecosystem establish integrated horizontal relationships.

The first assembly took place on 8 March, also at Braga’s Municipal Market.